The Difference between Parole and Probation in New York

The Difference between Parole and Probation

Probation is a criminal sentence where the court permits the offender to remain free under terms and conditions set by the law. In this period, the offender reports to a probation officer at regular intervals. Parole is a conditional release of the offender from jail.

The conditions set for parole and probation in New York are almost the same:

  1. Reporting to a probation officer
  2. Desist from the use of alcohol, drugs etc.
  3. Not allowed to leave the state or country without advance notice and permission
  4. Should not participate in criminal activities
  5. Should not discontinue regular job or schooling

Consequences of violation of parole or probation

If the offender violates parole or probation, then they return to jail. The offender may face extra jail time for violating the terms.

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