Counterfeiting Laws in NYC

Counterfeiting is imitating or copying a genuine item, without the authorization to do so. It is a serious time that is most often prosecuted by the United States Government. The rules are different and the stakes are higher, as this will lead to time in Federal Prison, where there is almost no chance of parole. When the United States prosecutes a Federal Crime, you need an attorney experienced in US Federal Court.

New York Counterfeit Defense Attorney

If you are involved in a counterfeiting crime in NYC, call New York City Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Mr. Paul D. Petrus Jr. today. Early legal representation will give you the best chance to challenge the case at every step, or to have the charges reduced or dropped. He has the experience and skill to defend his clients against any allegations of counterfeiting.

Mr. Petrus offers a free initial consultation for those accused of counterfeiting crimes in New York City and throughout the state of New York.

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