When You Appear in NY Court After Arrest

I have just been arrested! What should I do?

Once you have contacted your family or friends, you should seek out an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can quickly find out as much information as possible concerning the reason for your arrest, and arrange to have you released as soon as possible

What happens after my initial appearance before the court?

After your arraignment, the case will be adjourned to another date, courtroom and judge. At this time, your attorney can do a number of things, such as meet with the prosecutor to discuss potential dismissal or reduction of the charges, make certain motions or applications to the court, have certain evidence deemed inadmissible in court, or try to compel the prosecutor to disclose to the defense certain information or evidence. If you are charged with a felony, the case will be adjourned to monitor whether a grand jury has voted to indict you on the charges.

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