Common Types of Sex Crimes in New York

Sex crime is illegal or forced sexual conduct against another individual. Sex crime in New York can lead to serious charges and major penalties. One of the serious penalties for sex crime is registration as a sex offender, which can restrict you from obtaining certain licenses, working in particular areas or even live near a school, which can damage your reputation.

Some of the most common sex crimes in New York are:

Sexual assault

    • Sexual assault is when one person commits a sexual act to another person without consent. This includes many sex crimes like rape, sexual abuse, and indecent exposure.
    • Rape is generally defined as forced or non-consensual sexual intercourse. There are different types of rape, including statutory rape, spousal rape and date rape.
    • Sexual abuse is taking advantage of victims by threatening them. This includes improper touching, molestation and forced sexual intercourse or any other non-consensual contact of a sexual nature.
    • Indecent Exposure is intentionally exposing ones genitals in public.
Aggravated sexual assault

Aggravated sexual assault is committing a sex crime by incapacitating the victim with drugs and finally leaving him/her wounded or disfigured. This is a first degree felony crime and if a person is convicted of this crime he may face no less than 5 years of jail time.

Child sexual abuse, molestation and child pornography

Child sexual abuse or molestation is indecent sexual conduct engaging a child or an adult exposing himself to a child or forcing a child to expose herself/herself. Child pornography is owning or distributing pornography videos depicting child sexual abuse.


Prostitution is agreeing to provide sexual acts in exchange for money.

Internet sex crimes

Internet sex crime is using the internet to commit crimes like posting child pornography videos, and committing other sexual offenses on or over the internet.

If a person commits a sex crime, then he or she may be sentenced to jail time for years or even decades. He or she must update their sex offender registration for 15 years even after release from jail. Failure to do so can result in more jail time. If you are charged with sex crimes in New York, then it is in your best interest to contact an experienced New York criminal defense lawyer. Retaining a proper attorney will make an enormous difference in the ultimate result of your criminal case.

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