What does it mean to get probation in New York City?

Probation occurs after someone has been convicted of a crime, but is not sentenced to jail. Under probation, there are set conditions that are either imposed by a judge or by state laws for probation. An experienced NYC probation violation attorney can negotiate the terms of your probation, sometimes lessening the length of time or modifying the conditions of the probation.

If you violate one of the conditions of your probation, a judge will decide what the punishment should be for the violation. Punishments may include lengthening the probation sentence, tightening the conditions, or possibly even jail time.

On the other hand, if you do well on probation – that is, if you are not a danger to the community and have diligently complied with the conditions of your probation – you are entitled under NY law to request an early release from probation.

If you have been given probation following a conviction, it is in your best interest to speak with a Manhattan probation violation attorney who can help negotiate the terms of your probation. Call Paul D. Petrus, Jr. today for a free initial consultation.

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