Juvenile Defense Attorney NYC

Juvenile Defense Attorney in NYC

Manhattan criminal defense attorney Paul D. Petrus, Jr. understands that if your child has been accused of breaking the law, you will want representation considerate of your child’s unique situation. Mr. Petrus will provided such representation and also listens to the concerns of parents. Your children are the ones you love the most, and Mr. Petrus knows that.

Juveniles generally face charges in Supreme Court, Local Court or Family Court. Children aged 7 through 18 are divided into three categories: Juvenile Delinquent, Juvenile Offender and Youthful Offender.

Your child’s age, the type of the offense that she or he is charged with and, in some situations, the opinion of the court and the assistant district attorney will determine the appropriate category. That decision then controls how the case proceeds and the type of sentence that may be imposed.

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