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White collar crime in NYC is nonviolent crime that is committed for financial purposes, typically committed by businesses and the government. Common white collar offenses involve embezzlement, fraud, bribery, insider trading, forgery and money laundering.

White Collar Defense is a practice that defends clients during the stages of criminal proceedings, as well as trial, if one is to take place. White Collar Defense counsels clients on how to respond to subpoenas and search warrants and strategically plans the appropriate course of action. If you are a target or witness in an investigation it is necessary to have a White Collar Defense represent you during all proceedings. The FBI reports that white- collar crime totals around $300 billion annually. White collar crime tends to be under federal jurisdiction. Therefore, if you are contacted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Securities and Exchange Commission, Internal Revenue Service or United States Treasury you may be a target of a white collar crime investigation.

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If you become a target of a white collar crime investigation it will be crucial that you employ a NYC federal criminal defense lawyer who is experienced in his respected field and is knowledgeable about all regulations during a criminal or civil procedure. Also, it is critical to your case that you employ an aggressive defense attorney, who can predict and act on all potential moves that may be made by the government.

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