Conviction Integrity / Repleader

Conviction Integrity and Conviction Review Units are relatively new units designed in the different Boroughs District Attorneys’ offices to review whether or not someone was truly guilty of the crime she or he was convicted of or not the conviction should be vacated and “replead” in the interest of justice. A “repleader” is often used to plea to a different crime to prevent someone from being removed from the country or deported.

At Paul D Petrus Jr. & Associates P.C. we understand that many clients did not receive adequate legal representation at trial or during the plea-bargaining aspect of their criminal case or on appeal. Often times, while the sentence has been served the consequences of the conviction live on years later. For these reasons, Mr. Petrus tries to attack the conviction in any way possible as soon as possible. Mr. Petrus works in this area in New York City and anywhere in New York where the legal error occurred.

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