NYC Criminal Justice System

Criminal Justice System in NYC

The criminal justice system starts with arrest and could end at any point up to the time
of sentencing. The officials investigate the crime and use the gathered evidence against the accused. The accused also have certain rights, and can hire a criminal defense attorney to defend the allegations against him.

Following is a brief explanation of each step of the criminal justice system

Arrest: The criminal process generally starts with the arrest of the suspect. Before arrest, the police officer should show a likely cause that the person has committed an offense or should have a warrant for arrest. The accused has the right to stay silent, and has the right to obtain the advice of an attorney.

After arrest: After arrest, the accused is taken into police custody. He will be finger printed and his personal belongings like cell phones and other accessories will be taken from him. Depending on the charges, the accused may be released on bail or ordered to appear in court. Sometimes the accused may be kept in police custody and taken to the court hearing by the police.

Charges imposed on the accused: Violations, misdemeanors and felonies are three major types of charges that can be imposed on the accused. A simple violation usually carries a maximum term of fifteen days of imprisonment. Crimes like shoplifting are misdemeanors, and the term of imprisonment can be between three months to a year. Serious crimes like selling drugs or committing murder are felony charges, and the term of imprisonment can be more than one year.

Release and sentencing: If the accused is not found guilty, then he will be released. Otherwise, he will be sentenced to punishment. The convicted may face fines, imprisonment or probation.

Criminal defense attorney in Manhattan

Anyone accused of a crime should have legal representation. A Manhattan criminal defense attorney can guide you through the process and possibly receive a favorable outcome.

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