Desk Appearance Tickets In Manhattan

What is a Desk Appearance Ticket?

If you are caught with a misdemeanor amount of drugs, you may be issued a desk appearance ticket (DAT).

When you are arrested, the arresting officer will take you to the precinct and check to see if you have 1) a criminal record or 2) any open warrants. If you do not have either of those things, you will be issued a DAT.

The DAT is a ticket that requires you to report to court on a specified date in the future.

If you’re issued a DAT, it means you won’t be spending the night in jail – at least for now. If you are later convicted of the crime for which you received the DAT, you may face jail time. For this reason, it is critical to hire a NYC criminal defense attorney the moment you are issued a DAT.

What happens if I don’t show up for my DAT?

If you fail to appear in court on the date specified on your DAT, the judge will typically issue a bench warrant into the national database. If you are arrested again anywhere in the country, law enforcement will have access to the database and be able to see your warrant, thus creating more significant problems for you in the long run.

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Even if you do not spend the night in jail, you must show up for your DAT or you will face much more serious consequences. Contact Manhattan defense attorney Paul D. Petrus, Jr. if you are issued a DAT in the State of New York. He offers a free initial consultation.

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