Mr. Petrus has been interviewed regarding criminal law by television news programs and newspapers throughout New York City.

His media attention includes NBC News Channel 4, CBS 2 News, The New York Post, The Daily News, The New York Times, The Brooklyn Times Ledger, City Limits Weekly, and the AM New York.

With private eyes and political muscle, horse racing’s elite pushed to punish dopers
Paul D. Petrus Jr., an attorney for indicted assistant trainer Henry Argueta, wrote in an email that misbranding in his opinion “should be a civil or regulatory issue.” He called the charged “horse manure.”
Paul D. Petrus Jr. Explains: Cardi B rejected a plea deal that would’ve given her no jail time, and what legal fate the rapper could now be looking at as she’s due back in court on May 31.
Cardi B’s legal battle isn’t over yet. Her potential jail time, the possibility of more plea deals and what she can expect to face in her next court appearance on May 31 were all discussed by Paul D. Petrus Jr. —  who EXCLUSIVELY spoke with HollywoodLife.
Paul D. Petrus Jr. Explains: Cardi B Faces Up To ‘1 Year In Jail’ & Could Pay ‘Millions’ For Alleged Club Attack
Cardi B could face serious consequences now that she’s turned herself in for her involvement in an alleged strip club attack. spoke EXCLUSIVELY with three NY attorneys about the situation.
Brooklyn Judge Scolds Pill Peddler for Contributing to Opioid Crisis, Gets Eight Years
Robinson’s lawyer, Paul Petrus Jr., argued for a five-year sentence he said was justified by Robinson’s two years of army service in the 70s as well as his health conditions and drug abuse. “I think that he got a significant sentence,” Petrus said. “And I know that the family is taking it very hard and he is too.”
Can Anthony Weiner Go to Jail for Sexting a 15-Year-Old Girl?
In this Rolling Stone article New York criminal defense attorney Paul Petrus comments on the possibility of Anthony Weiner going to jail for sexting a 15-year-old girl.
There’s punishment without crime for some noncitizens facing immigration troubles, advocates say. Paul D. Petrus, Jr., a criminal defense and immigration attorney in Manhattan who has one client in ISAP, says the program may actually lead to further overcrowding of detention centers if immigrants either fail to comply with the requirements, or decline to participate – which can result in ICE sending them to a facility.
How The Night Of Gave Us the Ending We Weren’t Expecting
This article explores the final episode of HBO’s mini series “The Night Of” and features a tweet from NYC criminal defense attorney Paul Petrus commenting on the final episode of the series.

“Drunk Drivers” Beware Proposal would give repeat DWI offenders special platesBy: Chuck Bennett AmNew York WriterState lawmakers proposed a law yesterday to brand repeat drunk drivers with distinctive license plates, a move some hailed as a potential lifesaver and others deemed a modern day “Scarlet Letter.”
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