NYC Federal Conspiracy

NYC Federal Conspiracy Attorney

Conspiracy investigations are ubiquitous. This is in part due to the fact that in order to be convicted as a conspirator, the only thing is necessary to prove is that the criminal activity was reasonably foreseeable or you had knowledge of the criminal plans and that you intended on carrying them out.

In federal law, conspiracy is generally defined as an international agreement between two or more persons to carry out the criminal objective along with an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy. A person can be convicted as a conspirator even if the goal was not achieved, the participation was very small or the person was unaware of the criminal intentions.

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If you are in one of these situations, we at Paul D. Petrus Jr. & Associates, P.C. can help. Mr. Petrus, an experienced Brooklyn federal criminal defense attorney, will work to minimize or, even better, eliminate your conspiracy charge.

If you are facing a drug conspiracy crime in NYC, contact Paul D. Petrus & Associates, P.C.

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