Appeals / 440 Motions

At Paul D Petrus Jr. & Associates P.C. we understand that many clients did not receive adequate legal representation at trial or during the plea-bargaining aspect of their criminal case. For this reason, Mr. Petrus tries to attack the conviction in any way possible as soon as possible. Mr. Petrus has met with clients in prisons and in jails all over the State of New York and represents clients on appeal outside of New York City.

Court of Appeals Decisions in the State of New York

440 Motions are another way of reversing a conviction. Often these are made for “ineffective assistance of counsel” or an “illegal sentence” or “evidence violations” or “actual innocence” to name a few examples.

These motions have a special place in New York criminal law. Mr. Petrus understands how often people are sentenced in violation of their rights. If you think that you or your loved one was denied his or her constitutional rights or was otherwise subject to an unfair legal proceeding, contact us so that Mr. Petrus can arrange to review the case with you.


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