Drug Sales

NYC Drug Crime Attorney

If a person knowingly or intentionally sells an illegal drug, it is called the criminal sale of a drug. The sale of prescription drugs without a license also comes under illegal drug sales. As this type of offense is similar to drug distribution, it may be a serious offense in the state of New York and especially in federal courts. You may expect long periods of jail time, heavy fines and a post supervision release or federal supervision release if you are convicted.

Classification of Drugs

Basically, drugs are classified into several categories under state and federal law. They are categorized according to their tendency to lead to abuse, their medicinal value (if any) and their perceived danger to those who inhale/consume them. According to New York State Law, there are five schedules of controlled substances. The most dangerous are classified as schedule I substances and the least dangerous as schedule 5. The most serious penalties will apply to schedule I drugs.

Sentencing for Drug Sale Crime in NY

The sentencing for drug sale crimes varies according to the circumstances involved. The defendant may face up to 25 years in jail if convicted. But the severity of sentencing depends upon several factors, like the schedule under which it is categorized, the amount of the drug, previous criminal record of the defendant and where the drug is sold. For instance, drug sale is more serious in a school zone. Contacting a drug crime defense attorney as early as possible may help you.

Drug Crime Defense Attorney in New York City

If you are facing an allegation of committing a drug crime in New York, contact Paul D. Petrus Jr. & Associates P.C. immediately. Call us at 212.564.2440 to schedule a consultation with criminal defense attorney Paul D. Petrus Jr.

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