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Joint Federal/NYPD Taskforce sex crimes investigation into my client in 2018. After negotiations, no charges were filed.

It is important that you have an accomplished NYC sex crimes attorney on your side in any case that involves a sex crime. Sex crime charges can ruin your reputation, influence your individual connections and harm your employment prospects.

Mr. Petrus worked exclusively in adult sex crimes for over three and a half years while working as a probation officer. He now brings this experience to your defense.

He has dealt with experts, drafted lie detector questions, interpreted responses, analyzed results from Static 99 reports (a device that estimates probability of recidivism), reviewed Abel assessment reports (a sexual predilection assessment tool) and other diagnostic-psychiatric reports based on DSM-IV criteria. He has received countless hours of training in sex crimes. As a probation officer, he has searched computers for child pornography and assisted in the charging of defendants with crimes thereof.

New York legislatures considered several bills that have attempted to prevent registered sex offenders from obtaining employment, although none have passed, other bills will possibly be introduced in the future. This is why it is important to have a criminal defense lawyer on your side to advocate for you.

The definition of sexual abuse and sexual assault have a few categories that fall under it; forcible rape, date rape, and statutory rape are a few. Sexual assault includes any type of unwanted physical contact with a sexual organ and may include aggressive, sexually suggestive statements. The type of force used and the harm that is suffered helps to determine what crime is charged as well as the punishment. The punishment may include incarceration, fines, psychiatric treatment, paying restitution to the victim, or registering as a sex offender. If you are being charged with a sexual offense and looking for sexual assault attorney it is in your best interest to contact Mr. Petrus.

Sometimes “victimless” crimes occur. This is defined as a crime without any direct victims. Some examples are prostitution, indecent exposure, and illegal possession of pornography. The penalties for these crimes can be just as severe as if a victim is involved. Not only may conviction lead to jail or prison time, fines, or community service, a conviction may also lead to you having to participate in a sexual offender treatment program or lifetime registration as a sexual offender. In 1994, law enforcement agencies, the FBI, and even the public were allowed to access state sex offender registries. In 1996, this extended to federal sex offender registration databases.

False allegations may also occur. This happens mostly in child sexual abuse cases. These allegations harm the accused, but even if the allegations are false, you could still be convicted. If you feel as though you have been falsely accused, speak up and contact Mr. Petrus to guide you through the correct course of action.

Since sex crimes often carry particularly long sentences (including life in prison in some instances) and given the over zealousness of many district attorneys to force long and harsh prison sentences on such defendants, if you have been accused of a sex crime, you will need a knowledgeable and dedicated sex crimes attorney. Moreover, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the Department of Homeland Security, the Manhattan District Attorney Office, the Bronx District Attorney Office, the Kings District Attorney Office, the Queens District Attorney Office, the Richmond (State Island) District Attorney Office, and the Westchester District Attorney Office all have experienced prosecutorial units dedicated solely to the prosecution of accused sex offenders. No matter what the circumstances were, sex crimes carry with them serious penalties if you are found guilty.

Hire an sex crimes attorney who is similarly dedicated to your case, to your defense. Allow Mr. Petrus to bring his particular knowledge in the area of sex crimes to you. There are many difficulties that can arise from a conviction. Your life may depend on it.

If you are facing a sex crime charge in New York , then you need a highly experienced and aggressive lawyer who understands sex crime charge New York laws. At the law office of Paul D. Petrus Jr. & Associates, P.C. we handle all types of sexual assault and child molestation charges in New York and .

Our NYC sex crime attorneys will trust you, and give you a voice. They know the difficulties one has to face when accused in such a case. Our approach commences with assembling the right team. Depending on the charge, the team will include forensic detectives, DNA experts, psychologists, and private investigators.

If you or anyone you know are facing sex crime charges, than contact the NYC sex crime defense attorneys at Paul D. Petrus Jr. & Associates, P.C. Call us at 212-564-2440 or email us at

For sample sex crimes under New York State Penal Law, please visit Article 130 at this web site:

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