Federal Drug Crimes

Federal Drug Crimes in NYC

If you have been convicted of a felony federal drug crime, you could be subject to charges ranging from five years to life in prison and up to $8 million in fines.

Federal drug offenses are different than those at the state level, even if the conduct happens to be the same. Federal drug laws pertain to the possession, distribution, sale, trafficking, cultivation, manufacturing of various controlled substances, and conspiracy. The laws are very strict and the penalties are quite often severe. Cocaine trafficking offenses, for example, can lead to convictions of twenty years to life in prison; meth trafficking a minimum of ten years and a second time marijuana trafficking offense no less than twenty years to life in prison.

Punishments for Drug Crimes in New York City

The punishment of drug crimes generally depends on the type and quantity of the drug, its classification under the schedules and the purpose of possession. Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, courts also will take into account whether the offense involved an injury to another person, whether a weapon was used, and what your criminal history is. Possession of drugs with the intent to distribute them is a serious crime. Prosecutors can prove your intent to distribute drugs just by showing the quantity of the drug, without any evidence you actually distributed.

Drug trafficking and possession offenders are subject to mandatory minimum sentencing requirements. This means if a person is convicted of a drug trafficking offense they will be automatically given a predetermined incarceration sentence. In practice, these mandatory minimum laws have put thousands of non-violent drug offenders behind bars for years longer than violent and dangerous criminals are incarcerated. When possible, Mr. Petrus is highly able to negotiate sentences below the minimum by, for example, obtaining a “safety value.”

Contact an Experienced NYC Drug Crime Attorney

The government departments in charge of prosecuting drug law offenders, such as the FBI and the DOJ, are notorious for employing very qualified professionals. Therefore, you will need an outstanding defense. Keep in mind that your future can be dependent on counsel. At Paul D. Petrus Jr. & Associates, P.C., we understand what is at risk and are dedicated to ensuring a victory for your case. The attorney will discuss with you the weight of the evidence against you, the reliability on the informants and the arguments presented by the prosecution so that you are never in the dark.

In the federal system it is extremely rare for an offender to get off lightly, without the help of a qualified and experienced NYC federal criminal defense attorney. If you are facing a federal drug crime, contact Paul D. Petrus Jr. & Associates, P.C.

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