Bankruptcy Fraud

Bankruptcy Fraud Attorney in New York City

Bankruptcy fraud is a form of white-collar crime. This type of white collar crime can occur in a variety of different ways. For instance, some offenses include being guilty of concealing assets, intentionally falsifying forms, filing or using inaccurate information of others that reside in a different state and bribing a trustee appointed by the courts. These actions are usually associated with identity theft, mortgage fraud, money laundering and public corruption. Concealing assets is found to be the most common type of bankruptcy fraud. In the United States today, petition mills is now the most common type of bankruptcy fraud, as a result, tenant’s credit scores have suffered.

Manhattan federal criminal defense attorney Mr. Paul D. Petrus Jr., has successfully represented individuals accused of bankruptcy fraud in New York. If you have been accused of involvement in bankruptcy fraud, contact Mr. Petrus today to arrange a free consultation of your case.

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