Court Proceedings in NY

What will my lawyer do after the initial arraignment in court?

From the moment you hire your attorney, he or she will begin to gather information both about you and about your case from you and all other sources, including the prosecutor, any witnesses, family members, colleagues and friends. Every case is different and Mr. Petrus will tailor his approach specifically to fit your needs.

If I am charged with a felony, should I appear before the Grand Jury to hear the evidence against me?

Every person with pending felony charges against them in New York has a right to appear before the Grand Jury and, after waiving their right against incriminating themselves, has the right to testify on their own behalf in an effort to persuade the Grand Jury not to vote an indictment against them. In addition, every such person has the right to make the Grand Jury aware of other witnesses and evidence which they believe would exonerate them and to request that the Grand Jury hear such testimony and see such evidence at this stage. However, just because it is the right of a person accused of a crime to appear before the Grand Jury and to testify on his or her own behalf does not mean that doing so is a wise decision. When you testify before the Grand Jury, whatever you say may be used as evidence against you in the event you are indicted. Thus, you should thoroughly discuss this option with Mr. Petrus before deciding whether to testify and let him help to prepare you for what will be one of the most important days of your life.

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