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I really believe that the federal drug sentencing guidelines are too harsh. I really believe against the mandatory minimums. I think that, broadly speaking, they do more harm than good and quite frankly long prison sentences that often accompany federal crimes, that only harm the defendant, which most people can agree that if somebody is a major drug trafficker or really even a minor drug trafficker, there should be some punishment for that. The problem is if the punishments are too harsh it also hurts their family. You have innocent people that are tied up in it: The wife, the children, the mother, the sister, the brother. I can’t tell you how many times, how many sad and broken family members that I’ve had to console because the possibility of punishment for a crime is out of whack with what the offense is. We do everything we can obviously to get them a much better deal and proud to say that the vast majority of my clients are very pleased with the punishment that they’ve received, if they’ve chosen to plead guilty.

If you are looking for a New York drug crime attorney, Paul D. Petrus Jr. can help you with his extensive experience in a variety of criminal areas. Mr. Petrus works in federal and state courts.

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