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A lot of clients do try to handle it by themselves but it’s a mistake, it’s a grave mistake. If the person really believes they’re innocent or if they think, well maybe they did one or two things bad, but in their mind it didn’t rise to the level of a crime, or they don’t think anyone could prove that it’s a crime, then they feel like they can talk and try to get themselves out of trouble with the local law enforcement officer. They just generally try to talk themselves out of it and when you try to talk yourself out of it, inevitably you could misspeak, you could say something that’s not entirely true, you could exaggerate your conduct, you could minimize your conduct. While any of those four things is occurring, the detective or the federal agent who’s interviewing you, could have information that causes him or her to know that what you’re saying isn’t the complete truth and then that can be used against you.

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