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He received an outstanding defense at trial. The problem was that the system was so stacked against him. There was so much corruption and malfeasance on the part of the government, agents at the sheriff’s department and the judge. He made some proper decisions. It seemed that he did lean towards the prosecutor’s office and what he said at sentencing, his harshness towards Mr. Avery belied any jockeying he may have done to try to suggest that he was more open-minded or fair. I thought the defense lawyers did a great job. There were so many errors that they made. There were so many prejudices that they had towards Mr. Avery that came to light that’s one of the reasons why I felt that their criminal defense did such a good job because there was just so much against them.

Now I have, of course, had prosecutors and parole officers and probation officers act in inappropriate ways, engage in misconduct in my mind or do things that are unethical. I always keep my radar out for it. If they do that to one of my clients, I’ll be the first one to call them out and drag them before the judge, but to that extent that it occurred in Mr. Avery’s case, it was just a case of American justice really gone awry.

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