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The arms export control act is a federal statute that sets out penalties for unlawful trade or sales of military weapons and military equipments. It could also be night vision goggles or special types of equipments or uniforms. Now, this is an offense that’s been occurring so often recently that because the US has been involved in so many wars. Obviously these wars require weapons and equipment. One thing the federal, state, and military departments have noticed is a lot of this equipment has gone missing or is unaccounted for. Some of this equipment has been ending up on the internet for sale or at gun shows.

Frankly it’s illegal to sell or steal equipment that you didn’t have the right to take after your time in the military. That’s been such an issue of importance that the military has set up officers that just investigation that just tracks down lost equipment, and the FBI is also involved in New York City.

I had a case where a former military member was being investigated not just by the FBI, but also by the military. The good news is I was able to convince the FBI agent and the military not to prosecute him, but it is something that is strictly enforced. It’s an area of law that has been taking off a lot lately in both the criminal area and the military side of it, because of the number of cases reported.

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