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Most federal drug charges are federal conspiracy drug charges. sometimes it feels like the government has all but done away with federal drug charges, because it’s much easier to convict someone of conspiracy than it is to convict someone of possession of the drugs, because in the latter case, the person must have actual possession of the drugs. The trafficking of the drugs works in a similar manner.

With the conspiracy of a federal drug offense, it’s not required that the person actually take possession of the drugs or that the person to have had control of the drugs from afar. It’s sufficient for two people to engage in a conversation about drugs, and then for the defendant to make an action or step in the direction of possession of illegal drugs.

When one couples this with the fact that the punishment for conspiracy is the same punishment as actually trafficking or possession drugs, there’s no reason to charge someone with possession, when it’s so much easier to charge them with conspiracy. The ranges are 5 to 40 years, or 10 to life, depending on prior records. There are things that a person can do to receive a sentence below these minimums.

If you’ve been charged with a drug conspiracy or possession case in New York, speak with Criminal Defense Attorney Paul Petrus.

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