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Sometimes I’ve had conspiracy cases, believe it or not, where there aren’t any actual drugs even involved, that the government has ultimately taken possession of. For example, I had a case where someone was arrested with heroin in his motor vehicle, and he was also charged with a conspiracy to traffic or buy or sell heroin via conversations with other people that had occurred before that. So while it was not a dispute that there were drugs int he vehicle that he should be appropriately charged for that, provided that the stop and search was legal, but what the public might not understand is that, here he was being charged with as serious, or even more serious, charges based on conversations he had with people that the government, by the way, doesn’t even reveal. The government just says, “we have a witness that will testify that he tried to buy or sell drugs” at trial, and you’ll get that information at trial. So he was charged with drug conspiracy without any drugs on his person, or without even knowing who the witness was going to be.

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