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I had this one case where this person was having drugs sent up from a Central American country via Fedex. The drug dealers in the Central American country had connections with Fedex, so they would pass through without being accurately scanned, and then the people would pick up the drugs from Fedex or have Fedex deliver it to a place of business in the New York City area.

Sometimes when people are arrested for these types of crimes, they are doing these crimes for money because they are up a creek, maybe there’s been a health issue in the family, maybe they’ve been laid off from work or perhaps their work ins’t cutting the bills. So they’re not true drug lords; they’re not true drug traffickers, but they’re called drug mules — they’re doing little things to effectuate the conspiracy.

Often the US attorneys recognize that, now while I recognize that compared to most other countries in the world we have some of the harshest penalties for criminal activity, particularly in drugs, and they’re far too harsh. But sometimes the prosecutors know that this is not the type of person that should go to prison for a minimum of 5 years or a minimum of 10 years. The person should have the opportunity to cooperate with the US attorneys office and receive a lesser sentence.

Now here’s the key: when you cooperate with the US attorneys office, one of the things a person has to do is they typically have to meet with typically the arresting agents and sometimes others and depending on how big the person involved in the drug conspiracy is, sometimes they send up people from Washington DC from the DEA down there. Experts at intelligence on drugs. I’ve had that happen with other people that are higher up that are higher up on the chain in the DEA or FBI. Typically it’s two agents and a prosecutor or two, and these meetings typically occur in a US government office. So when a person meets with the us attorneys office, one of the most important things is the client must be forthright and honest to the us attorneys office. They must be forthright and honest. And that’s one of the things that I strive to explain to my client, but not just explain to my client, I want to meet with my client and practice.

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