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Credit Card Fraud is theft that is committed by use of a stolen or fraudulent payment card, credit or debit card. Credit Card Fraud is motivated by the intent of the offender to illegally obtain products or service without authorized payment. Credit Card Fraud is associated with identity theft.

Credit Card Fraud schemes generally fall into one of two categories of fraud: application fraud and account takeover. When a credit card is opened in another individual’s name without proper authorization it is classified as application fraud. In these scenarios, offenders are able to discover enough information about a person to successfully fill out a counterfeit credit card application form. Application fraud is a very serious offense.

The other classification of credit card fraud is account takeover. In this scenario, offenders illegally take over an existing credit card account by changing the billing address. Afterwards, the offender reports the card stolen and receives a new card under the victim’s account information to make unauthorized purchases.

In recent years, the growth in innovation has lead to more advancements in technology. As a result, credit card fraud has been on the rise. Technology determinism has lead to more online shopping than ever before and now these advancements in technology has made it easier for perpetrators to hack electronic databases and access people’s credit card information.

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