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In the United States, a federal offense or federal crime is generally any type of conduct defined as criminal by U.S. federal legislation or an offense which violates the Constitution or federal statutes. Federal crimes are generally more serious than crimes charged in state courts, and the penalties in federal cases are generally harsher. Federal criminal defense tends to involve cases that are difficult to defend, and the cost of defense is often high. For federal crime, it is best to consult a federal criminal defense attorney in New York. A federal criminal defense lawyer is familiar with the federal rules of evidence, rules of criminal procedure, trial procedure, and the federal court system.

Types of Federal Offenses

Our areas of practice include several types of criminal offenses, but we also defend our clients charged with the following federal offenses:

  • Federal Probation Violation (Federal Supervised Release violation)
  • Federal Drug Crimes
  • Federal Conspiracy (Drugs, Frud, Banking, etc)
  • Federal Property Crimes
  • Federal Tax Fraud
  • Federal Firearms Charges
  • Federal Bail Bonds
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Facing a federal criminal charge is a terrible experience. To defend against federal charges in NY or NJ , you need an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer with the knowledge and resources to face the federal government. The lawyers at the law office of Paul D. Petrus, Jr.& Associates PC have a record of success in the federal courts in New York. We have the resources and experience necessary to defend clients in even the most complex federal criminal cases.

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