Charged with an Internet Sex Crime?

First off what is a Computer Crime?

A computer crime is a cyber-crime that involves a computer and a network. Computers can be used to commit a variety of different offenses, such as cyberharrassmet, stalking, soliciting sex, counterfeiting, child pornography distribution and much more. It is important to remember that when interacting on the web the same laws that govern society still apply. Computer mediated interactions are no different than face to face interactions. Therefore, people should abide by similar social norms no matter if the interaction is mediated or not.

New York State Law
There is a section in New York’s Penal Law that prohibits various computer-related actions. Also, The Federal Bureau of Investigation, commonly known as the (FBI), has established a department to prosecute offenders who are guilty of computer-related crimes.

In the state of New York, internet sex crimes are not taken lightly. New York has a reputation of handing out consistently harsh penalties for this offense. Therefore, when facing an internet sex charge, it is important to contact an experienced New York sex crime attorney who is just as aggressive in defending your case as the state is in charging you. A New York sex crime attorney not only protects your rights but will also present you with a variety of different options, in an effort to lessen the charge or dismiss the case altogether.

The statistics on yearly online sexual solicitations are thought provoking. Around 2,500 people are arrested every year for an internet sex crime against a minor.


The consequences for committing an internet sex crime can be just as severe as any other crime, if not more. For instance, a penalty for an internet sex crime can be years in prison, a steep fine, registration as a sex offender and a reputation that may have detrimental effects on a person’s career, life and well being. However, like any other crime an innocent person can find themselves being targeted in a crime task force investigation. Therefore, it is important to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer with experience in the field of computer crimes. When you or a family member’s reputation and career are on the line, because of a computer/internet sex crime accusation, speak with an experienced and passionate computer crime attorney in New York at The law office of Paul D. Petrus Jr. & Associates. Attorney Petrus will work to do everything in his power to obtain a successful resolution to your case.

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