Have you been convicted of trespassing on private property? If a person enters or remains on property without owner’s consent the consequences may include fines or jail time. The punishment may be more severe if there is damage done to the property. However, you do not need to worry because Paul D. Petrus Jr. is a New York criminal defense attorney. He is experienced in these matters and can assist you in getting the best results.

Paul D. Petrus Jr. will discuss the charges and consequences with you in more clarity if you need help.

Charges For Trespassing in NY:

  1. Third Degree: Individual knowingly enters a building that is fenced off(school, summer day camp, public housing project, etc.). It is considered a class B misdemeanor.
  2. Second Degree: A person unlawfully enters a place of dwelling, which is considered a class A misdemeanor, that can result in imprisonment for one year.
  3. First Degree: An individual enters a building unlawfully carrying a deadly weapon or explosive. This is classified as a class D Non-Violent Felony, and includes potential jail time.


When charged with trespassing, hire a professional New York criminal attorney to reduce your charges. Attorney Paul D. Petrus Jr., can handle all types of criminal defense cases, State and Federal. Contact Paul D. Petrus, Jr. & Associates, P.C. at 212-564-2440.

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