Criminal Defense in New York – Probation Violation

Probation violation is when a person breaks the rules of their probation. When a person is convicted of a crime, but gets probation, then they are subjected to strict rules. The consequence for breaking those rules is called probation violation. Breaking or violating probation can lead to serious consequences and worsen the situation.

Different ways in which probation is violated

  • 1.  Skipping or missing a scheduled meeting with your probation officer
  • 2.  Missing counselling sessions related to your offense
  • 3.  Failing to get urine or drug test when required
  • 4.  Keeping in touch with people you are supposed to avoid
  • 5.  Failing to complete a rehabilitation program

Consequences for violation of probation

  • 1.  Probation duration would be increased
  • 2.  There will be stricter restrictions
  • 3.  Will be kept under house arrest
  • 4.  Payment of fines
  • 5.  Withdrawal of probation, resulting in jail time


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