Social Media Guidelines for Criminal Defense Cases | Brooklyn Criminal Defense Attorney

Don’t put anything on Facebook that you don’t expect the whole world to see. Even if it’s just a tweet, or a short Facebook post, it can still be picked up and displayed on the news. We constantly see a cycle with celebrities that send out a tweet and then quickly delete it, but it’s still picked up by news stations. If you’re using Facebook, Instagram, or any other social network to post embarrassing photos or stories, it’s probably a good idea to refrain from this behavior, especially if you are involved in a legal case.

It’s also a good idea to go back through your old Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram content and remove any old embarrassing photos or posts. Many social networks hold on to content for years, which means almost anyone can dig through your history to find content you forgot even existed. If you are preparing for a trial, especially a criminal defense case, taking time to clean up your social network history is always a great idea.

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