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There’s something in human nature — if the person really believe they are innocent, or if they think that they only did one or two things bad but it didn’t rise to the level of a crime in their mind, or they think that anyone could prove that it’s a crime — often people think they can talk themselves out of trouble with the local law enforcement officer.

What’s unfortunate is that the law enforcement officer that’s investigating the situation has often made up their mind as to whether or not there is going to be an arrest. At that point, the officer is just trying to get more evidence to bolster their case. They’re not trying to get evidence as to whether or not they can make an arrest — they’ve already determined if they are going to make an arrest. It’s just a matter of getting additonal evience or information.

This is something the officer won’t tell the suspect. They won’t tell a suspect “we need to interview you because we are going to arrest you, but we’re just trying to get more evidence against you”. No one would talk if they revealed this information. This is a grave mistake, and a lot of clients try to handle these situations themselves.

Once a law enforcement officer is investigating you for a crime, it’s time for you to obtain professional help.

For more information about seeking help for a federal or New York State criminal case, contact Brooklyn criminal defense lawyer Paul Petrus.

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